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Dantec supplies the cable processing industry with complete machines, blades, applicators, spare parts and consulting services Doing business as ‘’Schröders tillbehör’’ since 1994, the company changed it’s name to Dantec in the autumn of 2003. Dantec operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic States. Dantec Represents well-known manufacturers like Mechtrix, Kodera, SLE electronic, HANKE CrimpTechnik,  HABASIT, X-1R, FEINTECHNIK R. Rittmeyer, KMI, KABATECAUTOSPLICE, Schäfer Megomat, ELPRESS,   Zoller + Fröhlich, Practical Solution Pte, Klauke Slovakia, LASELEC S.A., markem imaje, TE Connectivity and BRADY.   By teaming with successful co-operators within the domestic market, we have created great success for   both customers and Dantec alike.
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